Quand des hommes défient le marché



Published and available in French only, Le Commerce Équitable is a hard cover book on the life and work of coffee growers members of the UCIRI cooperative in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico who celebrated their 25 aniversary in 2008.  In 80 photographs and short texts, the book is an encounter with coffee growing families. It also presents the various steps in the cultivation and trade of coffee as well as the social project initiated by the cooperative.

The second chapter presents other fairtrade products such as tea, cocoa, rice, sugar, bananas and cotton.  It is published by Aubanel in France with the support of Malongo, a French coffee roaster partner of UCIRI for more than 15 years.

Texts:  Forword: Francisco Van der Hoff
            Preface: Jean-Pierre Blanc CEO of Malongo
            Introduction: Éric St-Pierre
            1st chapter: Mélissa Beaudet
            2nd Chapter: Émerson Da Silva

Editor: Aubanel
ISBN-13 / EAN : 9782700605440
Distributor in Quebec: Dimedia
Code Dimedia: 35600544
Format: Hard cover, 27x21cm
Pages: 144
Price: 39,95 $ (+ tx and shipping)
Available: 2008/05/12

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